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Catahoula Parish

Map of Catahoula ParishDOTD Tourism Map of Catahoula ParishNamed in memory of the Catahoula Indians, Catahoula Parish bears the distinction of being the original home of Louisiana’s official state canine, the Catahoula Leopard Dog.  Catahoula, which once encompassed present-day Caldwell Parish, was established as a parish on March 23, 1808.

Settlement in the area began in the late eighteenth century and by the turn of the nineteenth century, farms and plantations were under cultivation across the entire parish.

Located near the center of the state and such important watercourses as the Ouachita, Tensas, and Black Rivers, Catahoula has an area of 1,339 square miles and population slightly over 11,000 (2000 census).  The parish economy is based on forestry, cattle, and agriculture, the chief crops consisting of cotton and soybeans. Jonesville is host to The Louisiana Soybean Festival, held in honor of a leading local crop.

by Alana A. Carmo

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