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Concordia Parish

Map of Concordia ParishOften called "the mother parish of northeast Louisiana," Concordia initially extended to the Arkansas border and included the modern-day parishes of East Carroll, Madison, and Tensas.  Created in 1807, Concordia was one of Louisiana's original nineteen parishes.

Unlike nearby areas, Concordia experienced a relatively rapid and steady growth.  In 1803, at the time of the formal transfer of Louisiana Territory to the United States, Vidalia, the seat of justice in Concordia, was the only settlement between Pointe Coupee and the mouth of the Arkansas River.

DOTD Tourism Map of Concordia ParishDuring the antebellum period, the economy of Concordia Parish was based primarily on agriculture, which included vast plantations.  Today, Concordia, with a population slightly over 20,000 (2000 census), receives revenue from agriculture, cattle, fish farms, and chemical and petroleum plants.

The Rivers that transverse Concordia- the Mississippi, Black, Tensas, and Red- were both blessings and curses to early residents.  These 300 miles of water courses deposited some of the richest soil in the nation, but also drove citizens from their homes during imperiling floods.  The problem was not solved until the 1950s, when a ring levee was constructed around the entire parish.  The Old River Control Structure and Hydroelectric Plant, where man attempts to control the Mississippi, allows tours.

Concordia Parish also has a wealth of agricultural tours: cotton gins, pecan, catfish, and miniature horse and ostrich farms.  History is celebrated at Ferriday’s new museum and at Tacony Plantation, which hosts the annual Jim Bowie Festival.  With fishing, camping, and wild game abundant in places such as Three Rivers and Red River State Wildlife Management Areas, Concordia Parish also deserves recognition as a true "Sportsman's Paradise."

by Alana A. Carmon

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