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Vernon Parish

Map of Vernon Parish

Vernon Parish was home to two communal colonies that failed during the depression of the 1930s.  The New Llano Cooperative Colony and the Christian Commonwealth Colony both served to attract economists and sociologists to conduct an experiment in the sharing of labor duties and cooperative membership.  No money was ever circulated in either colony. 

Vernon Parish was more successful however, in the 1940s when the United States Army constructed Folk Polk near Leesville.  Still in existence, Folk Polk served as one of the major training camps during World War II.  DOTD Tourism Map of Vernon ParishA substantial portion of Vernon’s economy stems from the large military fort, as evident in the parish seat of Leesville.  The town’s population jumped from 3,500 to 18,000 when the base was established.  Vernon’s economy is also based on forestry, truck farming, dairy farming, and the cattle industry.

For those interested in a "Venture into Vernon Parish" there is plenty to see and do.  Nature and water sports lovers will enjoy Vernon Lake, Anacoco Lake, the internationally renowned Toledo Bend, and Kisatchie National Forest with its Little Cypress Pond and Fullerton Lake.  History enthusiasts must visit the Folk Polk Military Museum and browse through the Museum of West Louisiana in Leesville.

by Alana A. Carmon

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Vernon Parish Tourism Commission

Events and Festivals

Great Mother's Day Canoe Race (Burr Ferry)

MayFest Arts & Crafts Fair (Leesville)

West Louisiana Forestry Festival (Leesville)

Derby Daze Louisiana Championship Soap Box Derby (Leesville)

Historic Sites, Plantations & Museums

Fort Polk Military Museum

Museum of West Louisiana (Leesville)

National Register of Historic Places

Wildlife Preserves

Clear Creek Wildlife Management Area

Fort Polk Wildlife Management Area

Peason Ridge Wildlife Management Area

Walnut Hill Wildlife Management Area

Fullerton Lake Recreational Area

Kisatchie National Forest


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