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St. James Parish

Map of St. James ParishSt. James Parish was originally as the St. Jacques de Cabannocé (sometimes Cabahannocey).  Initially settled by Acadian exiles in the mid-1760's, St. James Parish, located along the Mississippi River, became a flourishing plantation area by the antebellum period (1812-1860).

DOTD Tourism Map of St. James ParishStories of Creole Gabriel Valcour Aime's opulent Petit Versailles Plantation remain an integral part of Louisiana folklore.  Vestiges of the region's antebellum past remain following the region's transformation into an integral part of the immense petrochemical industrial corridor lining the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  The riverside view of Oak Alley Plantation is perhaps the most impressive vista in Louisiana.

Visit Louisiana's beautiful plantation country, and be sure to take the River Road through St. James Parish.

by Carl A. Brasseaux and Alana A. Carmon


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St. James Parish Tourism Commission

Events and Festivals

Festival of the Bonfires (Lutcher)

St. Peter Chanel Festival (Paulina)

St. Michael Church Festival (Convent)

Poché Plantation Arts and Craft Festival (Convent)

Historic Sites, Plantations & Museums

Poché Plantation (Convent)

Laura Plantation (Vacherie)

Oak Alley Plantation (Vacherie)

St. Joseph Plantation (Vacherie)

National Register of Historic Places


Wildlife Preserves

Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area



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St. James Parish Library

St. James Parish Courthouses

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