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John and Alan Lomax Collection

John and Alan Lomax Collection - Audio - Details

Copies of discs recorded by American folklorists and authors John and Alan Lomax around Acadiana during a 1934 trip. Provided by the Library of Congress in the American Folklife Center. Tapes include performances by Breaux Brothers Band, Hoffpauir Sisters, Segura Brothers Band, Wayne Perry, Jimmy Peters, and others.

Wayne Perry, Crowley, 1934. Photo by John Lomax, Library of Congress LOT 7414-B, no. N60-1 [P&P]

Collection samples:

La jalouserie c'est l'imagination
Joe Massey
Recorded in 1934 in Saint Martinville at Saint John's Plantation
Accession number: LO1-006

Perrodin two step
Oakdale Carriere
Recorded on July 1, 1934 at Angola Prison
Accession number: LO1-006

Les clefs de la prison
Elita, Mary, and Ella Hoffpauir
Recorded 1934 in New Iberia
Accession number: LO1-003

Z'haricots sont pas salés and Rock Away
Jimmy Peters and the French Black Ring Singers
Recorded in 1934 in Jennings
Accession number: LO1-005

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