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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press's upcoming and new releases include...

Soul Exchange: The Paintings of Dennis Paul Williams
Soul Exchange is an exploration of the art and life of Dennis Paul Williams, a St. Martinville native who has made a lifelong career painting spirits in their heavenly realm.

Show & Tell by William Greiner
The great mystery of photography has always been that the process shows us how something looks but leaves us to our own devices to figure out what it might mean. Show and Tell not only embodies this dichotomy but celebrates it.

The Other Side of the Painting by Wendy Rodrigue
Wendy Rodrigue's book derives from her popular blog, Musings of an Artist's Wife. "She's the other side of my hit record," joked Wendy's husband, the late artist George Rodrigue, the impetus for the original online project, as it began in 2009. In the book, Wendy reveals for the first time in print the personal history behind Rodrigue's art.

Game Changers: The Rousing Legacy of Louisiana Sports by Marty Mulé
Louisiana defies logic when it comes to sports. Its native sons, daughters, and team have left stamps on sports all out of proportion for what could be expected of a relatively small southern state. As Marty Mulé shows, Louisiana's athletic punch far exceeds its weight class.

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